Understanding your needs, expectations and target market audience is key to developing a solid design strategy for your project.

No matter what media you intend to use, we can help you create a successful visual campaign for your corporate brand.

About Us

Originally founded in 1994 trading as Adrian Watson Graphics and with Sam earning his Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in 2012, the time came to join as a father and son team under the banner of Pixelkraft. Specialising in branding, print and web design we work with businesses of all sizes and projects ranging from business cards to large commercial eCommerce web sites. We love to design and create. In fact, you would be forgiven to think we are obsessed with our passion. We will work well into the night to satisfy our clients and our need for effective clean design.

So whether your corporate identity is looking a bit drab, you’ve outgrown your website or you need some new visual marketing tools for your sales staff to present to potential clients, we’ve got you covered. With tons of experience in visual design, print and internet media we can deliver pixel perfect designs to your next project.

So let’s pull our sleeves up and get into it! Get in touch with us to find out how we can work with you to get your next advertising or marketing project off the ground.

Adrian Watson

Adrian Watson

Lead Designer

After working for many years in the print industry as a pre-press operator and finally becoming a tradesman offset print machinist it was time for a change. I wanted to create new ideas rather than duplicate other folks designs and found myself sketching layouts while the press was running. So I took the plunge and became a freelance graphic designer offering pre-press and print solutions. I have been blessed with some fantastic clients that have kept me busy for over 19 years and many have now become friends.
  • Adobe In-Design 85%
  • Adobe Photoshop 75%
  • Adobe Dreamweaver 88%
  • Hunger at 10am 100%
Sam Watson

Sam Watson

Graphic Designer

Design has always been my passion from the beginning. Always creating, always drawing and totally obsessed with Lego. Times haven’t really changed except now I use expensive software and equipment with pixels as the building blocks. However, I still find myself getting lost in my thoughts which end up as a drawing on paper … somewhere. I’ve recently combined my natural creativity with an academic framework by completing a BFA in Fine Arts majoring in Interactive and Visual Design.
  • Adobe Illustrator 75%
  • Graphic Design 85%
  • HTML5 & CSS3 80%
  • Desire to Surf 100%