Logo Design and Branding

Carefully crafted logos and persuasive brand development.

Logo Design and Branding

Whatever your company does, whether it be service, manufacturing or sales, your logo is your primary form of communication for your business. Your logo should create a positive first impression, be unique and distinguish you from your competitors. Conveying a positive message through your logo and branding is essential for the reputation and success of your business.

Your brand should combine a logo, symbol or icon, a tagline and any other features that sets you apart from your competition. Developing a brand is much more than a single logo, it’s the complete experience your clients get from the moment they walk into your store or when they interact with your company online. With a good visual brand solution you’ll be developing a foundation for building a healthy relationship and trust with your customers.

Consistent Branding Experience

Pixelkraft has the experience and flair to design an effective logo and develop a consistent brand for your company. We first listen to you. Your values and beliefs are what make your services unique. We then craft a style guide or corporate identity that will ensure all visual aspects of your brand remain constant across a range of media. We tailor your ideas, goals and values into a distinct visual experience that will ultimately engage your target audience.

Your stationary, business cards, point of sales, displays, brochures and web media should all be consistent and convey your brand message. Once your logo and visual style guide is complete, you can begin branding your company with the confidence that your logo will be used without deviation.

Starting a new business or looking to bring that old logo out of the shadows and into the spotlight, we are keen to get involved and help you look appealing to your existing and potential clients. Not only can we supply your logo and branding, but we can also take care of your printing, advertising, web design and social media solutions.

Logo Design and Branding Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I start?

If your starting a new business or refreshing an existing logo or brand you need to have a clear understanding of your business goals and be able to communicate your ideas to us. We sit with you and discuss what makes your business unique, your target market and how we can connect the two together. We are interested in creating unique design solutions that stand out above your competitors. The first step is to contact us and arrange a design brief to get the ball rolling.

What can I expect to get?

The logo is the most crucial part of a company’s visual impression. It is the cornerstone with which every piece of advertising and promotion draws inspiration from. Pixelkraft will give you a complete one stop package for all your logo and branding solutions. This will include digital copies of the following:

The Logo

  • The logo in its rawest form. (Black / White and Colour)
  • Several logo variations with more detail (if applicable)
  • Logo Exports to use for both Print and Web

The Branding:

To guide your company visually, we will provide a Visual Identity Guide that will guide you and or suppliers through how to branding your company and how not to.

  • Guidelines on how to use your logo, including white space details.
  • All Colour values to use on all media
  • Typography guide with all typeface specifications
  • Photography styles (if applicable)
  • (The sky is the limit)

Can I expect any support after the project is completed?

Absolutely! If you have any questions about the files we have provided, or how to advertise to your customers, feel free to contact us via phone or email. We are interested in long term clients who we build a good and healthy relationship with.

Our Services

An understanding of your needs and expectations is key to developing a solid design strategy for your corporate brand, so we listen hard and work with you to define who your target market is.

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We build visibility and credibility among your customers through strong, consistent brand and logo design.

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Stylish print and packaging design that is cost effective and establishes your brand in an ever competitive marketplace.

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Persuasive web design that reinforces your brand and draws your audience down a preferred path with appealing visual design.