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Print Design

In an age of online advertising and digital networking, printing is still a powerful marketing tools for your business. Although the online presence is becoming more significant, printing still has its advantages. We understand that designing for a media that is tangible or physical, engages an audience more intuitively. This is exactly the selling point of print media and if well designed, printing can really make a lasting impact on your customers.

With a combined total of 8 years experience in the offset printing industry, and more than 19 years designing for nearly all the print methods, we are well experienced to meet the challenges of your print and advertising projects. Not only are we experienced, but we’re passionate and always looking to try something unique.

Our Print Design Services

We offer a range of print design services including business cards, letterheads, brochures, magazines, pull up banners, you name it. We prioritise quality so you can be assured your getting the best result. If you have a preferred printer we will supply you with the correct pre-press files that will ensure a consistent result for your brand. Don’t have a printer? No problem, we can supply competitive quotes from our preferred and trusted local trade printers. Please view our portfolio page and take a look at what we’ve achieved. If your interested feel free to contact us to discuss your print or pre-press requirements.

Print Design Frequently Asked Questions

Can you print the colour I see on my computer screen?


Colour reproduction would have to be the most contested issue in the printing process. Often business owners are left bewildered when the colour on their monitor simply does not match the colour on their stationary and brochures. Planning for accurate colour reproduction is key when designing printed products and often a compromise is required. This topic is very complicated so I will try and keep my geek to a minimum.

The short answer to the colour question is probably not! However, with a little explanation to a very complex issue you can often plan ahead to obtain a great printed result. We humans are not built all the same and we each see colour slightly differently. Some academic papers quote that humans can see anywhere between 100,000 and 10 million colours (depending on age, exposure to injury etc, you get the point).

Computer monitors can display around 16.8 million colours depending on the bit-depth of each individual monitor. The colour is made from Red Green and Blue light. This can be a little unreliable though due to the many options of contrast, brightness and other configurations that each operator can adjust.

For offset printing, however, we standardise colour using a PMS guide (or Pantone Matching System®). Colour is represented by printing Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black on a white base or paper stock. The PMS guide effectively gives each colour a number that can be communicated from design to pre-press and on to the printing press.

Pixelkraft can help you choose the right colour for your brand or closely match an existing colour that you have used in the past. If colour is important to you then we need to get together and discuss the options that will suit your print job and be consistently reproduced across all types of media.

Can I use my own print supplier?

Yes you can. Pixelkraft can supply the correct pre-press files to any printer you wish to nominate. We have plenty of experience in print design and pre-press and use industry standard software to create the right files for the job. To ensure our services are delivered correctly we do require your printers specifications. If you don’t have this information on hand then we’ll happily contact your printer directly to discuss the details of your print job.

Our Services

An understanding of your needs and expectations is key to developing a solid design strategy for your corporate brand, so we listen hard and work with you to define who your target market is.

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We build visibility and credibility among your customers through strong, consistent brand and logo design.

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Stylish print and packaging design that is cost effective and establishes your brand in an ever competitive marketplace.

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Persuasive web design that reinforces your brand and draws your audience down a preferred path with appealing visual design.