We’ve been doing a lot of research into Facebook lately, how it works, what’s available and what are the best techniques for promoting a business. Here are some tips that we recommend when advertising on Facebook.


1. Use High Quality Photos

In every post be sure to upload high quality photos. This says to your audience that you’re willing to take the time to produce quality posts, and that says something about your brand.


2. Profile Picture and Cover Photo

If your finding it difficult to consistently produce good quality photos, then at least be sure that your profile picture and cover photo is up to standard. When visitors land on your Facebook page those two images are what they see first and can be the difference between a like and not. Your profile picture should be your logo. The cover photo should sum up your brand and give an accurate impression of what you do. Be sure to make it eye-catching.


3. Likes, Comments and Shares

Likes are good, comments are great and shares is the big one. Be sure to produce a variety of content on your Facebook page. Mix it up by posting questions to your audience, like “hey what do you guys think about …?” Comments are great for getting hype around a particular subject or better your brand. Shares is where you can seriously reach a wide audience and potential customers. For someone to share your post, they are putting their confidence in that post and its author by sharing it within their social circle. Shares say a lot about your relationship with your fans and their level of trust.


4. Facebook Insights

If you haven’t looked at Facebook Insights before, I would highly recommend it. There is a lot of data that Facebook tracks about your page. All of which is useful for finding out what content your audience best responds to and on what days and times are your fans mostly active on Facebook.

Facebook Insights for tracking.


5. Relevant and Consistent Content

Every time you go to post on your page being thinking to yourself, will this appeal to my audience? Make sure each post is relevant to your industry or brand. I wouldn’t recommend posting a funny photo of a cat, unless that’s what your audience is in to. Maybe save that for your personal profile. Since your audience won’t see everything that you post, it’s important to keep on topic so that when they do, you catch their attention. Consistency is key to maintaining the hype around your brand. When you stop posting, your audience will forget about you. Be sure not to spam your followers but try to find a sweet spot where your content is creating a buzz and your page is growing.



I think it’s safe to say that every business knows that they should have a Facebook page to advertise their services. However, you could spend a whole lot of time and money trying to promote your brand on Facebook without really increases sales, visitors, clients or members. This could be because of general misconceptions about Facebook but I think more often than not it’s about the strategies and goals of the business using this platform. Although reaching a lot of people is great and getting thousands of likes may appear like a win, however if all your fans are hiding your posts, unfollowing you, or not liking, commenting or sharing any of your content, then your business’s reputation is taking a backwards slide. High quality content and real audience engagement always trumps reaching the masses with over saturated advertisement.