Postcards, Score Cards & Greeting Cards

Choose the standard postcard size or ask us for a custom size to suit you.

We recommend a sturdy stock, such as 400gsm LEP Deluxe Artboard or the lighter and popular 310gsm LEP Deluxe Artboard.

Printing Options


Our standard postcard is 184mm x 110mm, but you can customise this to suit. Round corners or hole drilling are popular additions.


Our smudge-free stock makes this an ideal loyalty card, while plastic Yuppo gives durability to those cards that need to last in all conditions.


A matt or gloss celloglaze on both sides, or just one side, always impresses.

Available sizes:

  • Postcards – 184mm x 110mm
  • Golf Score Cards – 210mm x 148mm
  • Greeting Cards – 198mm x 210mm


  • Full Colour one side or both sides


  • Matt or Gloss Celloglazing available on 200gsm & above
  • Available on one or both sides

Optional extras:

  • 20mm x 38mm Magnet attached to back


  • 80gsm through to 350gsm
  • Gloss, Bond and Matt (Satin) stock
  • Not all stock types are available in every gsm
  • Recycled stock available

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