eCommerce Websites

eCommerce Websites With WordPress & WooCommerce.

Pixelkraft builds solid eCommerce websites with WordPress & WooCommerce, We add a custom user experience to promote our client’s products or services. We build reliable websites that reflect your business profile and generate leads for your online brand.


Other website services that we offer are …

WordPress Sites

Building a robust eCommerce solution is essential if you are serious about monetising your website. WordPress & WooCommerce provide the perfect framework for eCommerce websites. We customise this framework so that it will carry your brand message to a target market using clean and focused customer experiences.

WooCommerce includes Shop, Cart, Checkout and Customer Account pages and is well supported with over three million web stores active worldwide. WooCommerce is highly customizable with more than 280 extensions that expand the functionality of this popular eCommerce solution.

Want more functionality? We have been working with WooCommerce for over nine years and are able to build a custom shop experience that promotes your brand and products to online customers.

What to budget for?

Pixelkraft websites are customised to each individual clients branding and online sale goals so one price simply won’t fit all eCommerce website projects. If you have had some experience with WordPress and WooCommerce we can get you started with a basic WordPress and eCommerce website solution from $3300 (including GST). Contact me to discuss your next project and we will tailor an eCommerce solution to your budget.

Basic features of a Pixelkraft eCommerce website.

  • Domain Name (if required)
  • 12 Months Freedom Web & Email Hosting With VentraIP
  • Hosting includes 12  Months SSL Comodo PositiveSSL
  • WordPress Installation
  • Custom Theme design with your branding including pages:
  • WooCommerce (eCommerce Plugin) including Pages:
    • Shop – No content required.
    • Cart – Contains woocommerce_cart shortcode and shows the cart contents
    • Checkout – Contains woocommerce_checkout shortcode and shows information such as shipping and payment options
    • My Account – Contains woocommerce_my_account shortcode and shows each customer information related to their account, orders, etc.
    • Payment Gateways like Square, Stripe and PayPal are installed at no cost, other major Bank payment gateways have extra annual fees.
  • Extra Plugins:
    • YoastSEO – Standard version plugin for better SEO
    • Jetpack – Security, Performance and Statistical plugin – Free Version
  • Bonus 12 months Website Maintenance

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Where to start?

The internet is a huge place with an ever-increasing audience and potential clients. Knowing where and how to start can be difficult, however, the rewards, if done correctly are well worth the investment. We can personally take you through the process of exactly what you need and what you won’t need. We can also navigate you through the minefield of unnecessary advertisements and monthly fees to get you the best possible solution for your business. If you have any further questions regarding our website design & development services, please contact us.

How do I know my website is giving me business?

There’s no point in having a website for the sake of having a website. Your company simply existing on the internet won’t magically bring you more clients or sales. Like any piece of advertising, you have to be smart about who you’re targeting and what will appeal to that audience.

The advantage of marketing your brand on the internet is that it’s easily accessible to potential customers. This essentially means your website should act like the central hub, with which all other parts of your advertising link back to.

So in terms of how you know whether your website is giving you business can be evaluated in two ways. Firstly are you being contacting via your website and secondly is your website giving you brand recognition or status?

Are You Being Contacted?

If you have a website that’s just not performing or failing to bring new clients to your door then you need to act. When customers visit your site, are they being impressed by the level of detail, functionality and user-friendly navigation? Is your website easy to use, does it load quickly or is your audience being frustrated and not going further than the first page? With good web design and informative content, your potential clients will be impressed by your brand. This will increase the chances that they will contact you before your competitors.

Are You Getting Brand Recognition?

Engaging your audience is a sure-fire way of keeping their attention focused on your products, services and ultimately your brand. Having a lot of visits to your website is only part of the solution. Keeping visitors there will give you better brand exposure and lead to more potential sales. Using our services like product photography, copywriting and user interface design can greatly improve your chances of converting visits to your website into lasting customers.